How Will Physician Compare Website Impact the US Healthcare Industry?

How Will Physician Compare Website Impact the US Healthcare Industry?

The physician compare website has fast grown from a simplified database of healthcare professionals to a more current source of information. The website initiative came in 2011 under the Obama Care Act or Affordable Care Act. The CMS Medicare Department regularly updates the information available on the physician compare website. These updates enable patients and other information seekers to get the latest on the physicians working within the medical billing services in USA healthcare industry.

Physician Compare Website Impact the US Healthcare Industry

How Has Physician Compare Website Evolved?

The physician compare website has come a long way, covering from the basics to group association information like specialties, medical certifications, name, practice name, and other data. The website also lets the visitors know if a physician participated in PQRS or not, with regular updates from 2016 onwards. The users of the site can also identify the doctors who support the Million Hearts Initiative started by the US Department of Health & Human Services.

What’s More Critical to Come on Physician Compare Website?

The website will now offer a lot more information than it would provide in the past. CMS announced that it would soon display the MIPS score of the eligible providers on the physician compare website. It includes mentioning the score under each category including Improvement Activities, Quality, Promoting Interoperability, and Cost. The site will display the scores from the reporting year 2017. The users would be able to download the information in a downloadable file format. The site will also rely on information sources like Vitals, Yelp, and Health grades.

How Will Physician Compare Website Impact the Reputation?

Clinicians, who would initially only submit minimal data would have to rethink and instead focus on providing more data. MIPS score has just become a lot more critical than just receiving incentive payments. The doctors can no longer hide their reputation. Even if a physician changes their provider, their rating will keep on chasing them. Therefore, the doctors would have to be careful as it would directly impact their future career prospects.

What Ratings Mean on the Physician Compare Website?

The performance will be rated on five stars with one the lowest and five the highest. Before anyone takes these ratings for granted, the ratings are comparative or relative to other eligible practitioners and groups. Therefore, the physicians and groups would have to work hard to keep their higher ratings.

Where P3 Healthcare Solutions Does Comes into Equation?

The physician compare website takes time to update the information. If you have changed your hospital or group practice, or you would like to upgrade your certifications, you would have to update it on PECOS. It may take up to 4 months for the updated information to start showing on the website. Therefore, you may start seeing your MIPS performance of 2018 somewhere by the end of the year 2019. Thus, a physician or group performance will keep on reflecting for a much later period.

P3 Healthcare Solutions is a MIPS Registry. We rely on advanced analytical tools to help you track your performance through the year. We can also help you estimate your MIPS score so that you are happy with your score before submitting your reports to CMS.

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