How Do I Use Social Media as an Entrepreneur?

How Do I Use Social Media as an Entrepreneur?

Social media can no longer be ignored by our society. Much is being written about and almost everyone uses some kind of social platform. In short, people are very busy with it.

Because you do business with people as an entrepreneur, it is useful to use a number of social media for your company and keep well informed about the developments of social media platforms. Maybe you already get work or clients from social media? Be careful that you continue to focus on the right platforms; the social media that suit your target group (s).

How Do I Use Social Media as an Entrepreneur

Social media trends 2018

According to Newcom, the agency that has been investigating the use of social media since 2010, there are a number of trends in 2018. Instagram grows rapidly (4.1 million users) and is popular with young people with Snapchat and YouTube. Interest in Facebook has decreased among young people, but Facebook still has a strong position in the age group of 20 and older. YouTube is still big, but not as big as WhatsApp and nobody trusts social media.

Furthermore, no fewer than 340 million tweets are sent per day (March 2018) (worldwide). For comparison: in 2014, another 500 million tweets were sent per year! LinkedIn remains large as a business networking site with 4.4 million users in the Netherlands. Only a lot of LinkedIn users do not do so much: the participation rate is the lowest of all social media apps.

Social Media for entrepreneurs

Social media is actually nothing new. After all, the only thing it does is make it easier to share things with other people. This can be anything. Information, what you do, what you like or what you find special. We have been doing this for so long that we exist. Previously by telling stories, later we did this through writing, the radio, the TV, forums, e-mail and now through social media. Social media is, therefore, the newest and often easiest way to share things with others.

Because so many people use it and it is an easy way to share things with each other, social media is obviously interesting for you as an entrepreneur. It is a way of gathering information, building your fame, sharing things and looking for interaction. Everything with the ultimate goal of reaching potential customers.

The most important social media for you as an entrepreneur are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Use Facebook as an entrepreneur?

Facebook was for a long time the largest social network in the world. Facebook mainly loses the interest of young people under 20 years. But in the Netherlands, the total number of users is still expected to rise for years to come. At this moment Facebook has an estimated 8.2 million Dutch users. In 2021 this is expected to be 8.45 million. Although Facebook is seen by many as private, it can be interesting for companies to sit and advertise. This happens very much.

From the bakery on the corner to the big boys. Companies have their own page or advertise on Facebook. This can also be interesting for your company. Through Facebook, you stay in contact with your (potential) customers and you can reach them with targeted advertisements.

Use Instagram as an entrepreneur?

On Instagram, you mainly place photos or short videos. But try to be creative and vary in the types of photos you post. Or take a college or a short video with Boomerang. Instagram is rapidly gaining ground, especially among young users. And that is good for companies: the younger the user, the better, because the longer they can remain users. More than half of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years old. A quarter of users are between 30 and 49 years old.

On Instagram, the interaction is greatest with company messages: posts from companies on Facebook and Twitter in most cases only interact with less than 0.1% of the followers. On Instagram, that is between 3 and 6 percent. In addition, 62% of all Instagrammers follow a company through the medium and 70% sometimes look for a company.

Use LinkedIn as an entrepreneur?

LinkedIn is primarily a network site. It is the business counterpart of Facebook. Here people share their business information. You show on LinkedIn who you are and what you have done in terms of work. A LinkedIn profile is similar to an online resume. You can also look for jobs, follow companies and come into contact with others via your network that can deliver your work. An important part of LinkedIn is the discussion groups. Here you can participate as an entrepreneur and find and share important information.

LinkedIn has enormous potential for entrepreneurs. So use it!

Use Twitter as an entrepreneur?

Twitter exists since 2006 you can see as a mini-blog, you send short messages (tweets) into the world. For a long time, a tweet could not be longer than 140 characters, but since the autumn of 2017, a tweet may contain the double number (ie 280) of characters.

The special thing about Twitter is that it is completely open as the only social medium. Everyone can follow everyone and everyone can send messages to everyone (in public). Due to the open nature, Twitter is ideal to find interesting parties or to find the latest news within a specific field.

How to use social media as an entrepreneur?

All social media have in common that it connects people and that it gives the opportunity to share things. This is also interesting for you as an entrepreneur. By sharing and reacting smartly, you can play yourself in the spotlight through social media.

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