[Amazon] How to Quickly Obtain Massive Product Keywords and Research?

[Amazon] How to Quickly Obtain Massive Product Keywords and Research?

As a seller, everyone knows that Amazon’s product traffic mainly comes from search traffic and related recommended traffic on the site. Then sellers have a listing on the Amazon platform. How to optimize the listing, how to lay out keywords, how to set the search term in the background. So that you can get the most traffic and the highest conversion?

[Amazon] How to Quickly Obtain Massive Product Keywords and Research

When the buyer is shopping, he searches the keyword through the Amazon search bar to find the product, and then enters the seller’s listing. Of course, part of it is to find seller listings through Amazon’s category rankings or associated recommendations. How to let buyers search for your products? The old driver teaches you with practical experience, how to check the category of their search traffic entry. Big words, hot words, middle words, precise words, how to do keyword research? In the early, middle and late stages of the promotion of a new product, what kind of optimization strategy should be used, and how should PPC advertisements be selected.

Let’s talk about the benefits of keyword research:

(1) Let you find a lot of words

(2) Understand the user’s search habits and improve your understanding of the product

(3) Ideas for the development of related products do peripheral products, such as the explosion of A, made by Keyword reach B, C

(4) can improve the sensitivity to data

(5) It is good for you to do page SEO, which can be reasonably embedded into your description, five points, title

Case product: solar eclipse glasses

first step:

Foundation: choosing several root kw (one of the root words 1-3)

Big word: The most traffic, the most intuitive name for your product.

Then use the following six tools to do comprehensive keyword research and summary based on this root word.

1. Amazon search box expansion – keyword mining (KM tools)

2. Google search box expansion – Ubersuggest

3. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

4. Miku-Golden Keywords (GK Tools)

5. Miku – Search Terms (ST Tools)

6. Miku-Silver Keywords (SK Tools)

7. Miku-CPC Collection

The purpose of the keyword:

1. Make product page SEO layout

SEO pushes big words, title, description, five points, question, and answer, Review

2. Background setting SearchTerm – layout a lot of long tail roots

In the case of logic, the root of the keyword is listed and not repeated. (Note the trap: remove the brand word)

USB computer speaker, USB Bluetooth speaker, USB iPhone speaker, etc.

MostLogic order: USB computer speaker Bluetooth iPhone.

3. Play PPC ads – cover long tail

The keyword after manual filtering is directly thrown into the PPC advertisement to obtain a large amount of long tail flow, and at the same time, the natural ranking of the long tail keyword is improved. For more features, please click on the original link to enter the free experience of Mickey Amazon official website.

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