How to Get Instagram Fans Quickly and Cost-effectively?

How to Get Instagram Fans Quickly and Cost-effectively?

Many companies that are keen to be exposed in the media and try to occupy the homepage of your screen, you have to remember that at the level of traffic, this does not mean that you see everything.

Get Instagram Fans Quickly and Cost-effectively

Feng Dahui said before that China’s Internet is divided into three levels:

  • The first level is the Internet in the media, which is the Internet that is easily recognized and recognized by the public;
  • The second level is the grassroots Internet, which is a huge component of the Chinese Internet, but rarely appears in the public;
  • The third level is the dark Internet. In fact, it has always been very huge and terrifying. So often, because of some omissions, national events have occurred, and people can see the tip of the iceberg.
  • I don’t talk much about this part of the knowledge. Interested readers can open this article for a detailed understanding, and may have a better understanding of your Internet traffic in the grassroots.
  • I said before, what is the site, domain name, server, and even advertising materials, these are not all problems, many people waste a lot of time in these places, I tell you, these are pseudo-demand.

The core, the essence, you have not been exposed, you will die halfway.

In terms of traffic, many low-key people will not tell you easily. Take COD as an example. People tell you how to make COD. How do you make money? You listen, you feel hopeful.

But I tell you that people say good things to you on the bright side, but the real earners are really dependent on the black five.

Right, you will be dumbfounded, how can you rely on the Black Five, is it not a general cargo? You see, you are so frustrated that you don’t want to, don’t want to turn around, find out the mother egg, where is the COD so profitable?

In fact, people will not talk to you about the core points at all. What you have done has not touched the source, and where can you make money?

Today, we are talking about the acquisition of traffic, especially when it comes to grassroots Internet traffic practices. I only say one thing, a method that everyone knows, taking Instagram as an example:

Step 1: Register multiple Instagram accounts

You will ask: “Where is the phone doing so much?”

Instagram phone verification, using the code to receive

Ah San, there are a lot of cheap sim cards in Vietnam.

Bind the mailbox, the mailbox uses 168.126 mailboxes. If you are in trouble, feel that it is difficult, maybe you are not suitable for this trip.

There are problems to solve the problem, solve the problem, and find ways to solve it. This is the way to make money from the grassroots Internet!

Step 2: Username setting

Enter a keyword, grab the user on Pinterest, grab it with the software, then import the username, remove the characters, numbers, and these messy characters.

This step is anyway, we are doing this, I think the username is too much trouble, grab the username directly on different channels, and then apply to Instagram. If you don’t have this “strength”, directly edit

Step 3: Avatar settings

Grab some avatars, don’t be too beautiful, don’t be too ugly, normal, clean, comfortable, and then put your relevant product introduction to the introduction.

The content of the release, I will put 50 photos at the beginning (completed in one week), remember the quality of the content, directly to the absolute rate of return.

Step 4: Install the Android virtual machine on your computer!

There is already a third-party compiled x86 version that runs smoothly

Step 5: Open multiple Android virtual machines

How much can be done in the step of installing a virtual machine depends on the performance of the computer.

Generally i5 computer, 16G memory can install 20~25 virtual machines. (20 are better)

The main stage is to facilitate the operation on the computer, and also to run all the functions of the Instagram account. Commonly used virtual machines are:

  • Blue stack
  • Daily simulator

Each virtual machine runs an Instagram account, and an Instagram account can be switched back and forth five times.

A virtual machine, you can install at least 5 browsers, each browser has an Instagram account, and there is no need to turn it off.

A proxy ip, as long as you raise it well, don’t be too crazy in the early stage, a virtual machine, with a proxy ip to raise 5 accounts can still afford it.

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