How Do New Websites Quickly Get a Lot of High Quality Traffic?

How Do New Websites Quickly Get a Lot of High Quality Traffic?

In the first lesson of each issue of “N+1 Network Marketing Practice”, I will set up a questioning session at the beginning, so that everyone can ask questions that are usually encountered. The most frequently asked questions are about high-quality traffic acquisition. Today this article tells you about this issue.

Websites Quickly Get a Lot of High Quality TrafficIn the acquisition of traffic, nothing is divided into two aspects:

Paid traffic

Free traffic

Both of these flows require cost, and their existence has great value and meaning. Advertising traffic is more direct, but SEO traffic is also very valuable.

On the one hand, spending money to get customers, the effect is more direct, but the cost is higher, the advertisement needs continuous investment.

Free advertising, long time period, high requirements for people’s comprehensive ability, slow effect, but a long-term accumulation

In the past few years, when the advertisements of domestic information flow just came out, such as Guangdiantong and today’s headlines, many e-commerce companies only made one single page, and through the flow of information flow, they could sell thousands of single product orders every day.

Through this kind of payment, a large amount of accurate traffic can be obtained in a short period of time. This method is good, but the sustainability is not strong, because when a commodity is sold well, a large number of merchants do this way. The cost of advertising will increase rapidly, competition will be great, and it will need to be replaced by another product.

Every way to achieve the highest quality can get high-quality traffic, I usually recommend that you have a variety of ways to combine, so it is guaranteed.

For the new station that just went online, when natural traffic has not yet come up, it needs to be accurately drained through paid advertisements. In particular, some companies want to do certain countries, and they can know the market of this country at a lower cost through paid advertisements. What is the demand? If you can receive accurate inquiry and communicate with customers, it will be easier for them to negotiate in the past. It is not necessary to send salesmen to the local market to develop the market from the very beginning.

Paid advertising is essential for new stations.

From the perspective of SEO, the acquisition of natural traffic requires a process, as long as the following three aspects are completed, a large amount of high-quality traffic can be quickly obtained.

First: deploy a large number of long tail keywords through technology

Before the development of this step, it is necessary to analyze the keywords of this industry in advance, analyze the long tail keywords according to the classification of the products, and then find out the keywords related to this classification.

After the analysis of the keywords, a large number of product-related pages are created by technical means, which needs to be operated by technical means, because the manual operation is very large and error-prone. Then deploy all the long tail keywords to the relevant page. You need to pay attention to the operation here. You can not upload all the pages at once, and upload a part of each week separately.

Second: do a good quality chain

After all the long-tail keywords in the station are deployed, you need to continue to do a good job of high-quality external links. On the one hand, the external chain content needs to be original, on the other hand, you need to find a good resource station to publish. Generally, we recommend the following high-powered platforms:

1, Facebook


2, Linkedin


3. Twitter


4, Youtube


5. Google+/Google my business


6, Reddit


7, WordPress




9, Blogger


10, Tumblr


Third: more targeted optimization of content

After a high-quality external chain continues to work for a while, some keywords begin to rank, but may not be converted. At this time, it is necessary to optimize the content that has been ranked, and see what content the user has viewed on this page ( this needs to be added in advance) The code of the analysis tool, usually using Google Analysis ), modify the text in the content of this page, or add images and videos to improve the conversion rate of customers.

This strategy is actually a very good method because when a website starts, it is very rare to get traffic and external links, so you can optimize the ranking of existing websites.

New stations want to get a lot of high-quality traffic quickly, and they need to do their original content.

Content marketing is a long-term process. Of course, this process requires strategy and requires methods. If you just write the content, upload the image, and just send out the chain, so you can do network marketing, then anyone can do it.

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