4 Tips for Getting Fans on the Facebook Page

4 Tips for Getting Fans on the Facebook Page

I have talked a lot about Facebook’s business operations skills. There are two kinds of techniques. One is powder promotion and the other is traffic promotion. Traffic can achieve good results in a short period of time through advertising Facebook promotion. Today we explain the 8 tips for getting fans on the homepage.

Getting Fans on the Facebook Page

An invitation to like

After creating a new homepage with a personal account, there are no fans, and fans are the followers of the page. Here we have to distinguish between the relationship between praise and concern.

Like: After the user likes the homepage, the user will see the dynamic of the homepage in the next month, that is, during this month, the user is following our homepage. But if the user does not interact with the homepage within a month, the user will automatically pick up your homepage. In other words, users who follow the homepage by being praised are unstable. The source of the home page may be that the information posted on your homepage is seen in different places, and the user does not have to specifically come to the homepage to like it.

Attention: Attention means that the user intentionally comes in the homepage and clicks on the homepage. The fans here are fixed, and unless they are manually checked, they will not drop powder over time. But attention does not mean praise.

If you are the administrator of the home page, when you open the home page, the friend who invited you will be shown on the right to like the home page. The conversion rate that a friend like varies from person to person. Inviting friends requires homepage relevance. If only 8 of your 100 friends are interested in your homepage or product, then this way of inviting friends to like it is not recommended, as there will be a way to use Facebook in China. There are a lot of restrictions. The newly created homepage needs to invite too many friends to praise, which will result in the account being blocked, so this method will vary from person to person.

Two content promotion

Increase the engagement of posts by publishing content that can participate in the interaction. Posts can be simple arithmetic questions or funny tricks, or questionnaires, or controversial topics. Many people are interested in replying to such posts, and this type of post is easy to cause forwarding. In other words, the number of times a post is forwarded is a measure of the effectiveness of the content, and it is easier to attract fans’ friends to sponsor the homepage.

Three advertisements

High-quality content will bring free natural traffic, but this requires a production team with a certain number of friends and high-quality content, these are the result of long-term efforts. However, through the external advertising platform of Facebook, it can achieve rapid powder increase in a short time. There are two directions for adding powder through advertising:

Directly promote the homepage, select the photo of the home page home page and send it to the user, add a clear introduction to the homepage function, and attract fans to praise the homepage through advertisements.

Fourth increase the exposure through the group

If you don’t have the right people in your personal account, it’s very labor-saving to find the target group through the Facebook group. Search for more active groups through interest keywords, add friends to the group after entering the group, in order to invite friends to like them later, but you need to pay attention to the number of friends added every day should not exceed 5, otherwise Facebook will consider this account A person who is not an entity thus closes your account. Another method is to share the posted posts on the homepage as a personal identity to the group, increasing the exposure of the homepage, but the homepage should not have too strong marketing nature.

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