8 Ways to Make Your Home Wi-fi Network Fly Fast

8 Ways to Make Your Home Wi-fi Network Fly Fast

Have you experienced such a situation: after surfing the Internet for a while at home, sometimes the Internet speed suddenly becomes very slow; or watch The film sees the most exciting clips, and the image suddenly stops moving; or it takes a long time to open a web page, or it can’t enter the web page at all. At this time, maybe you should sort out the router in your home.

8 Ways to Make Your Home Wi-fi Network Fly Fast

According to the information on lifehacker.com, there are 8 ways to make Wi-Fi at home faster and the signal becomes stronger. This article is organized as follows for your reference.

1. Reposition the Wi-Fi

If you want to be able to access the Internet in every corner of your home, the placement of the router is very important. The central location of the home allows for a wireless network signal to be collected everywhere. Generally, there is no wall or obstacle blocking, and the wireless network signal will be stronger.

2. Set the best channel value (Wireless Channel)

When you want to connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your home Wi-Fi, there are usually a lot of choices in the network options, that is, before and after, even in the neighbors’ Wi-Fi. Enter the option. In fact, these wireless signals will interfere with each other and affect the wireless network signals in the home.

Users can log in to the management page of the router (usually In the wireless settings, the wireless channel in the home can be manually modified. Experts suggest that you can try several times until you find the best channel. value. Lifehacker.com suggests using WiFi Stumbler or WiFi Analyzer software to find the best channel for your home router.

3. Reduce interference from other wireless devices

In addition to the interference from wireless signals in neighbors, other wireless devices in the home can affect Wi-Fi efficiencies, such as microwave ovens, wireless phones, or home appliances. So, keep the routers away from them as much as possible. If you purchase a dual-band router, you can also solve the problem of interference from other wireless devices.

4. Increase the security of the router

The Router IS Hacked, and The Number of people the using the Wi-Fi in The Home Increases, Which inevitably Exceeds The carrying Capacity of The Wireless Router, and Also Affects. The Speed of The Wireless Network, the Resulting in non-STOP Dropped Calls. In Addition, because it will be hacked, the information on the computer becomes very unsafe.

Regularly changing the router’s login password can reduce the chance of hacking, or choose a router that can set Wi-Fi coverage, and choose a router that only allows fixed users to connect. Experts recommend that users use WPA (WiFi Protected Access) passwords.

5. Add a can to enhance Wi-Fi signal

  • Cutting at The Cans and Installing the After Them at The Router ON, CAN you the Boost the Wi-Fi at The Signal. Specific Practices:
  • Remove the bottom of the can, flatten the sheet metal shears, and keep a portion attached to the top of the hole.
  • You can put it on the vertical antenna, or both. The opening of the signal booster is facing the area where you often work on the net: desk, sofa, living room… the effect is super good!
  • In addition to cans, the filter dish for washing vegetables has the same effect. Objects with a parabolic appearance can collect non-directional wireless signals.

6. Install DD-WRT firmware (also translated: firmware)

According to Taiwan’s Just Share blog information, each wireless router has an operating system. Each manufacturer’s wireless router operating system is also different, and its code is not announced. Although users can use these wireless devices normally, users cannot change them. Its operating system, so inevitably there are deficiencies in actual use.

In this environment, DD-WRT driver firmware (Firmware) has emerged. It provides functions that are not available in general router firmware, including installing DD-WRT not only to prevent hacking but also to strengthen the router. Transmit power.

Using DD-WRT on a router at home means abandoning the operating system of the original device and then replacing it with a new operating system. This wireless router is more powerful and supports more applications than traditional wireless routers, such as the bandwidth can be optimized Using settings such as QoS, rate limit, and a number of connections; or wireless time switches can be easily implemented.

7. Turn the old router into a Wi-Fi relay station

Turning the old router into a Wi-Fi repeater (Repeater) not only saves the cost of purchasing a Wi-Fi Extender but also receives a strong signal in every corner of the home. This method must be used in conjunction with the DD-WRT firmware.

8. Set automatic restart

To set up an automatic restart for the router, you can use DD-WRT or socket timer, lifehacker.com suggests that the router can automatically restart once a day. Some newer routers can do the restart action through the smartphone app.

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