How to do SEO in 2019 when Google’s algorithm changes?

How to do SEO in 2019 when Google’s algorithm changes?

Tracking the ever-changing algorithms is a common occurrence for SEO companies. In August of this year, Google’s Medic Update focused on YMYL (Your Money Your Life)-type websites, improving EAT (professionalism, authority, trust). The weight of the ranking factor, the impact on SEO can refer to this article.

Due to the sheer size of this update, there have been many discussions on the web to deal with the Medic Update approach. In the face of rapid changes in search engine algorithms, can you only remind yourself that you usually want to burn a lot of yin and yell, and pray for natural disasters not to fall on yourself? Or can it only take a few months after the disaster to clean up the mess and re-adjust the direction of SEO and website management? In fact, this kind of website optimization is fundamentally wrong: SEO should not be passive! The success or failure of SEO is not a fate!

How to do SEO in 2019 when Google’s algorithm changes?

In fact, the performance of SEO is inseparable from the overall online marketing strategy. Your mastery of the behavior of your industry and customer base will affect the effectiveness of SEO. But before delving into how to plan your marketing pipeline, you need to understand the operational logic of SEO and search engines:

  • The meaning behind the algorithm: the root of SEO
  • (Google Mission / Map: taken from Google’s full manual)
  • (Google Mission / Map: taken from Google’s full manual )

Google said: “Our mission is to bring together global information for the general public to benefit everyone.” The end of Google’s ten creeds also emphasizes that “Google will make the first step before the global user’s needs have yet to come to the table.” Predict the real needs of users and develop products and services that may become standard in the future to meet these needs.”

Observe the Google algorithm update trend from 2003 to 2013 and 2011~2017, you can find:

Google was still more focused on combating spam and keyword padding to reduce the search experience.

Later, the update is increasingly inclined to enhance the search experience: including copyright, mobile experience, localization, and most importantly – “content.”

From this, we can observe that Google’s algorithm has been largely stabilized to eliminate the basis of spam. In recent years, the update of algorithms has become more and more active for service users.

Therefore, technical web page optimization is only the most basic level of attention for current SEO. In other words, SEO will change from the single-path “Search Engine Optimization” to the comprehensive “Search Experience Optimization”. “

SEO and content marketing are complementary
Google’s top ten creed also mentions: “Even if you’re not sure what information to look for, finding answers on the Internet is not your problem, it’s a problem that we have to solve.”

If you look at the four basic aspects that make up SEO:

  •  Website structure  Keywords
  •  Link  User experience

Content marketing can handle the latter three to a large extent – Google knows very well that when we are searching for a keyword, we don’t necessarily know that we need to understand what issues and what is behind it (this is the creation of foreign Topic Cluster).

The reason for this SEO trend), so today’s search engines value the presentation of complete themes and concepts, whether in articles, infographics, videos or other forms, as long as your content is organized and easy to help searchers catch the focus, they Will actively help you to share in the community, you will get links , and even establish their own authority in the process. And if there is a major flaw behind the operation, when it is discovered, Rome may also collapse in one day.

Have you found that this is very close to the social ecology of Taiwan? Content marketing is not only related to SEO, but he is also actually the core strategy of marketing brands!

When SEO is no longer just SEO…

The strength of the underlying technology is indeed very important for website optimization, if you can not grasp the many factors search engine ranking, the face of difficulties cannot be ruled out, but the community signal with information about corporate transparency two ranking factors have been largely accepted Internet This means that the essence of SEO is still marketing. When the brand’s online activities are more active and sound, and a benign interaction cycle with TA, the SEO effect can also be multiplied.

Review the Medic Update at the beginning of the article, emphasizing professionalism, authority, trust, and then look ahead to the 2019 SEO trend (including voice search, video SEO, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence applications), all of which are helping users improve The acquisition of information and the efficiency of digestion, and strengthen the verification of information.

Looking at the customers in the health industry of the customer, compared with the end of July, the exposure and clicks of customers in the first half of August were significantly reduced:

There are also customers who have gained:

We can indeed see that the transparency, authority, and activity of the customer’s information affects the effectiveness of SEO.

In fact, as long as you pay attention to the evolution of the online world, these trends are well understood: the Internet is full of plausible information, more and more people are beginning to trace the source of information; or the concentration of netizens is limited, after the lazy package craze retreats, The knowledgeable YouTuber is gradually emerging.

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