Best Employee Monitoring Software to Keep an Eye on Office Staff

Best Employee Monitoring Software to Keep an Eye on Office Staff

Monitoring software has always been of crucial importance for the businesses across the world as these applications allow entrepreneurs and business managers to monitor the activities and productivity of the workforce. The employee productivity is a major concern for the employers as it directly influences the company output and profit. Monitoring tools help prevent workers from getting engaged in unproductive and malicious activities. Though there are numerous employee monitoring software applications, picking up reliable and feature-rich software is not a piece of cake. We have reviewed several employee monitoring software of which TheOneSpy is found to be a top-notch monitoring software.

Best Employee Monitoring Software to Keep an Eye on Office Staff

Features of Employee Monitoring Software

The computer monitoring software offers a wide range of features to monitor the activities of the employees. Once you install the monitoring software on the computer and mobile phone device of your workers, you can remotely track their devices through an online account of the monitoring software. We have rounded up here the main features of the employee monitoring software to let you understand the functionality of the app.

Spy on Messages

The messages received and sent via targeted mobile phones and computer devices can be tracked via employee monitoring software. You can keep an eye on the internal and external communication of your workforce by monitoring the software applications used for conversations between co-workers, clients and third parties. You can read their text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages exchanged via instant messaging and media apps.

Spy on Calls

The phone calls made and received via targeted cell phones get automatically recorded by the spy app and uploaded to the online account of the monitoring software. It enables the employers to track the verbal conversations of their employees. Meanwhile, the spy app provides call logs to show the contact name and number of the callers and recipients. It lets you detect if a few of your workers are in contact with rivals or passing out the confidential company information to them.

Track Social Media

Social media is an important aspect of the business. The popularity of the messaging apps has influenced the employers to transfer their customer care to online platforms. The companies have social media managers who manage the social media pages to enhance brand awareness and provide answers to customers’ queries. The monitoring software enables the employers to keep a check on the performance of social media managers to figure out if they are executing their job responsibly. With the spy app, you can monitor Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Skype and other popular social networking apps. You can see the posts they make on official social media pages and read their direct messages right from the spy app online account.

Track Emails

Many businesses use emails for professional communication. However, these email services can also be used to transfer confidential company data to competitors. By logging into the monitoring software online account, you can read the incoming and outgoing emails of your workers.

Get Access to Keylogs

The employee monitoring app records the keystrokes applied to the targeted mobile or computer device. It includes the keystrokes of username, passwords, email addresses and messages. The employers can use these keystrokes to closely monitor the official online accounts of suspicious workers.

Monitor Internet History

You must be aware of the internet activities of your workers to make sure they are not using the company facility for unproductive purposes. Surveys indicate that majority of employees use the company internet for watching YouTube videos, streaming to music sites and shopping online. The monitoring software accesses internet browsing history of the targeted device and lets you know which websites and information were searched by your workers.

Screen Recording

Whatever appears on the computer or mobile phone screen of your workers can be tracked via monitoring software. The on-demand screenshots let you if your workers are busy executing their tasks or playing games on their cell phones.

Surround Monitoring

The spy app lets you operate the cameras and microphone of the monitored computer and cell phone devices. You can take photos; make videos and record surrounding sounds and voices without taking the monitored device in possession. The surround monitoring enables the employers to eliminate workplace gossips, harassments and other malicious activities at the workstation.

That’s not all. The employee monitoring software provides innumerable ways to employers in keeping track of their workers’ activities during working hours within and beyond the workstation.

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