All Websites Are Broken but That is Ok

All Websites Are Broken but That is Ok

When Roni German types into Google: Belfair Washington Real Estate into a Google search. Her Belfair Washington Real Estate Blog comes up on the third page instead of the first.

She has previously been on page one, even line one several times. The reason for the dropping is the title of this article: a website is never done, is always in need of upgrading and promotion. She still comes up line one on “Olympic Penninsula Homes“, a less competitive search without so much competition from huge lead generators like Yahoo real estate, HomeAgain,, and the others who are on the first page. These huge sites are constantly adding new real estate clientele who pay them, and new information, and, since everything on the Internet is new, old, or dead – they rank.

So this is what this article is about: the constantly changing landscape online, constantly changing image and video formats, constantly improving coding standards, constant updates to maintain software, and other constant changes in what sites are hot to link from, and which are not: all these things make it necessary to maintain a website in an ongoing way.

If ongoing things are not done, the ranking falls quickly instead of improving, and the more competitive the search, the more effort and budget are required: but don’t feel bad: we are all in the same boat.

Case in point: our site. While our look and scripting was just re-launched yesterday anew with the new changing product offering, price structures, etc.; there are several pages that need to be re-edited, many images and videos that must be re-added or replaced – and that is just the beginning.

We have invested thousands of hours into ours, Roni hundreds of hours into hers. As coding standards are more and more standardized, it will be the volume of posting and links in that determine ranking, not the site architecture itself – this will be done, as it is for us and for Roni German, by software, that, while it is absolutely free, requires constant maintenance and upgrades.

But don’t feel bad about your bugs and edits, we are all in the same boat, even the big boys. More and more, it is the degree of effort and the budget that determines ranking, not technology learning curve.

There are many tips and trick here that deal with these issues, but it will be what you have to offer to the rest of us that determines your website’s rankings in the future, and it will do no good to get people to a site without state of the art, constantly evolving design and features

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